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Weekend getaways in Myanmar

**This is a guest post written by Corine Smith. With some good ideas of where to go for a weekend break in Myanmar.**

Myanmar or Burma is a beautiful country with an array of things to do. Below you will find my opinion on the best spots that range from quiet beaches to natural wonders in Myanmar. Have a read below if you are looking to relax or choose the best destinations to maximise your weekend

Indawgyi Lake

Indawgyi Lake contains all the ingredients to cook up an extra special vacation break. Why? You can enjoy everything from kayaking to fishing, all while taking in the beautiful scenery. Motorboats are available there if you want to involve a few people in the water action. Likewise, the sight of the lake is addictive and is surrounded by mountains. Therefore, you can trek along mountain paths while going there. Apart from that, the surrounding area is worth a trip. It is recommended to visit this place, particularly for families.

Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary


See butterflies in Meinmahla Kyun Sanctuary

You can overwhelm and easily fill an entire week at Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary. It is probably because there is everything for everybody. This place is home to many different species such as birds, butterflies, crabs, fish, shrimps, and many more. Uncover the mangrove-lined creeks of the island and observe reptiles such as crocodiles! Getting there can be tricky, with just a couple of options. You can rent a car if you want to visit this mesmerizing spot or special arrangements can be made for you.

National Kandawgyi Gardens

National Kandawgyi Gardens are one of the major attractions you could discover with your family in Myanmar. With nearly 500 different species of flowers, shrubs and trees, you can unwind and enjoy all that nature has to offer. This Botanical Gardens hold collections of flora. As a case in point, you can find orchids of various species, dahlia gardens and many more. The Gardens are also the home to the Fossils Museum, the Petrified Wood Museum and the Butterfly Museum, and especially the 12 storey Nan Myint tower. All in all, if you go there, it would be the best way to discover a new gem.

Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung Beach is one of the best beaches in Myanmar to admire nature. With gorgeous turquoise waters and soft sand beaches, you will appreciate this stunning place. You can take in the sun’s rays and spend your days relaxing on the beach. This beach offers a secluded swimming and picnicking spot and is a good spot for fishing, snorkelling, kayaking, wind surfing and sailing. Indeed, it is a perfect weekend destination.

ngwe saung beach

Idealic Ngwe Saung beach

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